Download Your Return To Work Playbook

  • Overview of the Construction Climate
  • Analysis on COVID-19 State Guidance
  • Step by Step Playbook for Working Through the Unexpected
  • Leveraging Digital Tools to Make Your Jobsite More Effective
  • A Structured Approach to Reopening the Jobsite

Return To Work Playbook

Jobsites today face more uncertainty than they have in decades. No one knows how the virus will progress and handling the day to day operations is a challenge in itself. Anxiety among laborers continues to increase, while decreased manpower, material shortages and new jobsite requirements makes it difficult to know what to do next. With the rapidly evolving guidelines from local, state and safety agencies, it can be difficult to determine how best to move forward at your jobsite.

In this playbook, we’ve worked with industry experts to create a step by step playbook to reopening the jobsite. We discuss COVID-19 guidance released across the United States and strategies for making your jobsite safer and more efficient.

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